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case study   1 — 8
  • website & marketing
  • ecommerce, product
  • 2019
Bad with mouth guard

Sleep is integral to our daily performance yet it's often neglected. Snooze is here to educate the consumer, unleash their energy and help them perform better at work & life. We created a brand that doesn’t focus on sleep, but focuses on the energy it provides.

Jasmine flower

sleep better live better

We focused on the result that this service brings to the user and built the story around the positive aspects that this brand conveys. We wanted the user to buy a better night's sleep—not a mouthpiece. With this approach, we designed visual elements with vibrant colors that are intertwined with business goals and messaging.

Product packaging preview Website on mobile
Duotone icon set

Making the first sketch

Creating a brand from scratch has challenges. Our goal was to communicate who the Snooze guys truly are—their expertise, what solution they offer, and their novel approach. The biggest emotional connection was making users feel confident about the service and feel the happiness that Snooze will bring to them.

We started with a storyboard that mixed colors, shapes, and typefaces to reflect different feelings. Thanks to this approach we were able to filter down the style the best fits the brands core values. That was our foundation for defining colors, typography, pattern and logo.

Brand colors Typography Logo design process Logo design process Logo design process Brand pattern
the product

From digital to physical

When creating this brand, we were fortunate enough to have the opportunity to work with a physical product. We helped with photography, package design, leaflets, and a brochure. We helped with procurement of the materials through select partners.

Packaging with orange
Home sleep test packaging
Home sleep test packaging
Business cards Brochure More brochure

an online sales funnel

Launching a new brand and product required us to convince first time users that this company is legitimate, credible and professional. We highlighted their advisors experience, we took photos of real customers accompanied by testimonials, and promoted happiness throughout the site. Customers could relate to user stories and connect with user that looked similar to them as we hit all demographics of their ideal customer.

Website preview
Website preview Cloud Cloud

Acquiring customers

The initial launch we focused primarily on NYC. This means CPC’s are higher, but we were able to meet with customers and learn from them in person with every booking. That made us better and more agile with development. We integrated a tool called Formstack to move the customer further down the pipeline with a simple, yet fun, survey. Coupled with retargeting and banner ads, sales have been plentiful.

treatment delivered virtually

Product detail
Product checkout
Product success
Cloud Cloud
Mobile screen
Mobile screens

Saad Shaikh - COO at GetSnooze

Both the branding and website have received positive feedback from customers. Buzzworthy Studio establishes a seamless workflow and constant communication. Their team goes above and beyond to ensure customer satisfaction.
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