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case study   3 — 8
  • digital
  • non-profit & education
  • 2018
logo concept and execution logo concept and execution logo concept and execution logo concept and execution logo concept and execution logo concept and execution
the mission

Standing proud as a beacon of light in Southwest Philadelphia, Cornerstone Christian Academy has been delivering on its promise to provide a safe, nurturing, and academically rigorous education for students K - 8 since 1988. Unfortunately their prior website was not much newer than that, and failed to capture the buoyant spirit and technological and academic advancements the school has been cultivating in recent years.

chapter — 1




By condensing and clarifying the mission and message, we were able to utilize stunning photography and a light, energetic page layout to usher in a new vision for CCA’s online presence. Providing not only a glimpse into the student and staff perspective, the reorganized site architecture provides prospective parents with a clear path to finding the information they need to enroll their children.

Launching in time for spring enrollment, the new site has provided a much needed aesthetic and practical upgrade for this important mission.

Cornerstone icon
Ipad preview
Phone preview
chapter — 2


Our work began with developing the strategy, goals and milestones of the project. We defined a new site architecture and user flow that’s simple to navigate and goal oriented. Focusing on three separate user personas—parents, students and donors—we created journeys that covered user goals for each.

ux preview
chapter — 3




We created seven main color tones and seven custom patterns, as well as custom iconography that aligns with the brand. Each section of the site has its own identifying color and pattern, bringing a sense of fun into browsing the pages. Using a fluid Flexbox grid, we were able to position the content in many different ways on the page, which keeps users engaged visually.

font construction
floating image
floating image
font pairing
Video image preview


We introduced custom UI patterns throughout the site. The combination of an overall clean layout with the right amount of negative space and lively elements creates a vibrant and spirited feel for the user.

Floating icon
Website UI elements
Red Interface teaser
Website UI elements
Floating icon
Imac preview
Students teacher ratio
Graduates percentage
Teacher working
Students teacher ratio
Graduates percentage
Video image preview

chapter — 4



social media feed

We’ve customized and integrated social media feed via an API.

proprietary framework

Built on the Buzzworthy WordPress theme with custom post templates, conditional fields to control modals, and inner event schemes.

donation integration

Embedded a 3rd party component to allow users to donate

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