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case study   2 — 8
  • digital
  • sport & ecommerce
  • 2018
the mission

The list of high-profile clients that wear All Pro’s uniforms on game day is longer than a CVS receipt. The company’s tagline is “Wear All Pro, Play Like an All Pro,” so we approached this design with the goal of making athletes of any caliber feel they could play like an “All Pro” simply by donning these stylish, handcrafted, and durable duds.

chapter — 1



Icon Story

After making a name for themselves outfitting the athletic departments of some of the largest schools on the Eastern seaboard and beyond, All Pro needed a new website to match their explosive market growth. Responsive design, custom photography, and a simple but engaging UX were utilized to maximize the consumer impact while driving home All Pro’s core messaging.

Now that they have a website that embodies the same assets as their uniforms—style, quality, and performance—All Pro has now positioned themselves as industry leaders on the breakaway with nothing but daylight up ahead.

Boy in football uniform
Website preview on imac
Football ball


We worked closely with All Pro Sports to create original photo content that showcases the meticulous detail and design of their products—across 12 sports categories—and to showcase the photos in a way that truly reflects the athletes who wear the company’s uniforms.

chapter — 2


We set two main UX goals for the project: making the content more enjoyable, and enhancing user orientation by simplifying the navigation. We completely rebuilt the site architecture, introducing easier navigation and a clean category distribution. We recategorized, grouped and simplified the online catalogue into two main categories – Uniforms and Equipment. Technologically we built a catalogue system that can present an unlimited amount of categories, which is easy for the client to edit and easy for users to navigate.

Wireframe preview
chapter — 3




To cover all necessary design assets for the site, we provided comprehensive web design and consulting services as well as a photo shoot. Broken grid; generous white space; and bold, skewed and soft fonts that suggest an interplay between motion and stability.

Baseball bat
Baseball ball
Ipad website preview
Macbook website preview
Iphone website preview

mixed color theme

In addition, we introduced a mixed color theme: light colors for clean content and product presentation, darker ones for the more emotion, story-driven content. The duotone color theme with a yellow accent brings a sense of activity and energy to the site.

Color theme preview
Video image preview
Product listing
Lacrosse glove
Product listing
Product listing
Web UI preview
Web UI preview

chapter — 4



custom Wordpress theme

Besides giving us full control of the features it also enables us to shave off each redundant millisecond from load time.

slick slider

we used custom built slick slider with unique transitions and modern design to showcase uniforms.

elasticsearch implementation

To enable users to search through archived content, we used Elasticsearch as a component of our cloud install

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